Where to Buy Autoflower Seeds

Interested in purchasing cannabis seeds but not sure where to start? Check out our guide!

Where To Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

1. Direct from the Breeder
2. Seed Bank (Check our Recommendations!)
3. Seed Exchanges
4. Resellers

1. Direct from the Breeder

Purchasing/obtaining direct from the breeder is the best source for freshness of product, reliability, and customer service/feedback (and supports them directly.) Whenever possible this is the most preferred method for obtaining genetics/seeds.

If the breeder cannot ship to your country due to restrictions, they may have a 3rd party distributor or a recommended seed bank (that typically carries a variety of genetics) that can ship worldwide.

We define genetic breeders by two types: Commercial Breeders and Independent Breeders.

Commercial Breeders are individuals or groups of individuals that may have an entire team that supports their breeding program, customer service, distribution, and sales.

For a full list and example of commercial breeders on AFN, check out Autoflower Commercial Breeders & Seed Banks.

Independent Breeders are individuals that may breed on their own or with a small group of individuals (not necessarily part of a larger breeding operation.) These breeders can be a great source for new genetics, crosses, and other sources of propagation material.

For a full list and examples of independent breeders on AFN or to learn how to breed/cross your own autoflower genetics, check out Autoflower Breeding: How To & Independent Projects.

2. Seed Bank

A seed bank is a company that carries a variety of breeder genetics in a central location.

Many seed banks will ship world-wide with stealth shipping options, offers freebies and promotions with purchase, and may offer credit card processing.

For examples of seed banks, check Seedsman and The Vault Cannabis Seed Store! Both offer shipping to the USA and Canada!

3. Seed Exchanges

Seed exchanges are peer-to-peer cannabis clone, pollen, and seed exchange platforms. The idea behind a seed exchange is to empower cannabis growers and breeders to preserve marijuana genetics. Seed exchanges typically do not sell propagation material directly but provide a platform to advertise and connect communities of breeders and growers.

For an example of a cannabis seed exchange, check out Strainly.io!

4. Resellers

Resellers are individuals that have purchased bulk seeds at wholesale cost for the purpose of reselling them. It is surprisingly easy to bulk purchase seeds at wholesale cost from most breeders.

There are authorized resellers and unauthorized resellers.

Authorized resellers have official contractual permission from the companies to resell merchandise, which may potentially be verified by contacting said parent company.

Unauthorized resellers have purchased bulk wholesale seed (potentially from questionable sources with damaged, defective, improperly stored seeds, etc,) with intent to operate as a seed bank without explicit permission to do so.

Because of this practice it’s possible a breeder may not offer direct warranty of goods sold by an unauthorized reseller because of the questionable nature of the how the goods may have been purchased/sold/stored (leaving that accountability on the reseller and their in-house policies.)

Another common tactic for these unauthorized resellers is to purchase seed at wholesale cost, then turn around and undercut the retail price from the supplier, making it seem like they are the better buy or purchase by targeting growers financial security.

These tactics and types of sellers are typically discouraged because of the historical lack of accountability, responsibility, and ownership of ethical business practices.

Considerations and Safety

  • While we strive to provide the best pathways to a good consumer experience when looking for genetics, with any of these suggested options there exists the possibility of a negative experience.

    In the event of this, it's through sharing those experiences with communities like this one that we're able to better prepare ourselves and other growers for how companies are representing themselves in the cannabis industry.

    Keep calm, keep a level head, and give just the facts.

    Constructive feedback is the lifeblood to breeders, seed banks, and honestly anyone in this industry; we recommend avoiding any companies that make a regular habit to publicly flame, trash talk, or otherwise troll their own customers, growers, and other similar companies competing with them.

  • Seed banks offer stealth shipping options often as an insurance policy for the order. Please read each individual banks policies to understand what they will warranty or not on a purchase and what steps should be taken to find resolution.

  • Ordering from an international seed bank (overseas) means your package typically will go through a customs check. In the event your package has been seized by customs, a letter will be sent to the mailing address on the package with information on how to appeal the decision (if you so choose.)

    Most seed banks have a mandatory requirement to take photo evidence of the letter for verification that it’s actually been seized (seed banks and breeders have to protect themselves too from dishonest people and scammers!) Keep your packaging for proof if this happens!

    Packages seized by customs doesn’t mean law enforcement is on to you or coming to get you. Thousands of packages of contraband (illegally imported/exported goods) are seized daily with no repercussion, from purses sprayed with weird chemicals to people shipping food on a list of foods that cannot be shipped.

    Keep calm!

  • An unauthorized reseller could very well be a fantastic vendor (just operating in the grey) while an authorized reseller could be a sinking ship, so do your homework and research the current reputation and history of those you deal with before sending ANY money.

  • Whenever in doubt or if on the fence, feel free to ask our large and diverse set of global growers what their thoughts are. Chances are you'll get very honest feedback (positive or negative) and insight into what you might expect!

Autoflower Network’s Affiliated Seed Banks

The Autoflower Network is officially affiliated with two seed banks, Seedsman and The Vault.


The decision to affiliate with these companies was based on feedback from growers of the site, giving us positive feedback and reports on how the user experience was from start to finish, receiving your seeds in a timely manner, how the customer service experience was, etc.

In efforts of being transparent and in full disclosure, AFN does make a percentage off each affiliate sale. These affiliate earnings go towards paying our monthly server bill, site security, site licenses for add-on’s and support, etc.

How the affiliate program works is that when you click on one of the affiliate links or banners, it creates a unique cookie that lets the seed bank site know when you’ve made a purchase clicking through one of our affiliate links, which then credits AFN.

If you would like to support the Autoflower Network, the best donation path is currently by supporting our affiliates and vendors (which in turn supports us!)

We appreciate any consideration and kindness and hope you found this guide helpful in finding reliable, reputable genetics for your autoflower and photoperiod needs!

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    Dec 31, 2018
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