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  1. 420Forever

    Indoor 420'z Forevercrazy Growtrain :-)
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    (note: for convenience, this journal has been threadmarked...jus click on "reader mode" at the bottom-left of this or any other threadmarked post in order to skip over all extraneous commentz & view only the relevant updatez/picz ;) ) heya kidz, plz meet Janis...:toke: yupper, good ol'...
  2. Death The Cultivator

    Indoor 00 Seeds' Autos HPS 600w DTW - Growpito Sim Mix

    600 watt cool tube MH/HPS w/440cfm exhaust 4x4x6.5 Finether tent w/240cfm exhaust 18"'Box fan 6"' Clip fan Ppm and ph meter Aquarium heater 2 gallon smart pots Cocotek brick coir 00 Seeds' Afghan Mass XXL/Northern Lights/Sweet Soma Autos/California Kush/Kush/Cheese Autos 10 gallon...
  3. MidwestMedz

    Outdoor 1st Outdoor Auto Grow - 00 seeds

    New to the AFN, although I have used this site a ton in the past. So thanks to everyone that provided me knowledge! Doing a kinda guerilla auto grow with 00 seeds, don't see a ton of grows out there with this company so I figured I would further advise on the product. Strains: Auto Bubblegum...
  4. 509Blazer

    Live Stoners Best Cheap Autoflower Seeds?

    In your opinion, what are the best autoflower seeds available for under $7 a seed? I am crushing on 00 seeds Bubblegum myself...under $6 a seed!
  5. kiwikush

    Live Stoners 1st time grower, my auto bubblegum is flowering away into week 9. Pics

    hi all, great to be part of the community. I bought the Auto fem collection #1 from 00 seeds through Seedsupreme. The pack of 6 seeds contain 2x Auto Bubble Gum 2 x Auto Chocolate Skunk 2 x Auto Cheese Berry and I got 2 purple Kush free seeds thrown in for good measure. I only started one...
  6. The Vault

    Introducing four new breeders at The Vault

    At The Vault, we’re always keen to expand our selection of high quality genetics: Usually, that means keeping fully up to date with our established line-up of breeders for their latest hot new releases, but every now and then, we reach out to breeders who are not yet on our roster, but who have...