1. D

    Indoor DF WhiteWidow XXL + Critical + 2.0

    Hey guys, this is my new grow. Welcome to just watch, but very much appreciated for any input and ideas about my little garden. probably the last time going with hps next time looking for the bigger sanlight leds. so the project : 120x120cm secret Jardin dark room 2 - 1.44m2 1000w HPS...
  2. swerve

    Indoor Gorilla glue#4 x girl scout cookies

    Strain: gg#4 x girl scout cookies Media: 60/40 coco & perlite Nutrients: general hydroponic 3 part, superthrive, liquid seaweed, armor si, cal-mag, flora nectar, liquid koolbloom, dry koolbloom and MAMMOTH P! Light: 1000 watt eye hortilux super how and 1000 watt 10k spectrum bulb THE...
  3. G

    Live Stoners Auto flower talk

    I want to know what to expect when growing 1 auto flower under a 1000 watt mh or hps
  4. P J

    OLD REVIEWS Which one too choose? Help please

    I have been plating autos for a while (3 years). Iately ie been only planting autoultimate from Dutch Passion so that i can master the environment and know auto needs better. I have built a grow room with 6 1000w mh which i change to sodium in flower time, using GLR light cycle. A strong air...
  5. trendkill84

    Lighting Blackstars VS 1000watt (Which should I use?)

    Ok here's the deal as of right now I have about 8 plants in bloom at 46 days old and what I want to know is if I should use hps or led. I am growing some in hempys with coco/perlite mix and in smart pots same mixture. The are sitting in a 4.5'x4.5' ebb and flow white tray but I do hand water. I...