1. Weedboi

    Indoor Royal Cheese Auto - Self topped 1st node

    (7TH GROW) Seeds: RoyalQueenSeeds. Light: Growing under a decent 400W-600W led, not sure what the real power is but not imo 600W. Medium: CannaTerra Professional with a little extra perlite since the soil already has a good amount. Pot Size: 11L Cube DirtPot. Nutrients: FloraTrio...
  2. lasnico

    Indoor DP Think Different and PS Tutankhamon - 150W

    hi this is my first grow journal, in soil and in all haha the seed bought thinking in the production were: 3 think different autofem - dutch passion 1 auto tutankhamon - pyramid seeds setup: cultibox light 60x60x140 (cm) 4x 11lt pots 150w hps 20/4 1 airolite extractor (need a ventilator)...