15l airpots

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    Mephisto Genetics Mystery Pack

    Strain : Unknown mixed seeds from mystery pack mephistogenetics Medium : Soil 15l air pots, Terra Magma mixed with 37% perlite Light : Led , Photon 6 240w + tgl60 55w Nutes : AN Bloom perfect line + b52,carbolaod, voodoo juice, big bud I didn't take notes on first three weeks coz i didn't...
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    Mephisto Genetics Hubbabubbasmelloscope journal

    Hello this will be doing my grow first journal. my 3 hubbabubbas are just sprouting now I will upload pictures tomorrow. Here is my setup. Lights 18/6 140x140x200 Tent 600w HPS with cool hood 5" extract fan and carbon filter 15L Air pots Medium - palgron light mix Advanced nutrients...