400 watt hps grow

  1. HitzFromDaKine

    Live Stoners Hitz Growing Some Trees

    Doing the intro thing. Found this through some guys over at r/autoflowers on Reddit. AFN seems to have far more action than over there and I am trying to be part of that Auto Life. I will have to get some pictures of my grow and bang out a journal and soon, but in the meantime let me do the...
  2. Sperminat0r

    Indoor 1x Northern Light Auto - 400W HPS | 50L Soil | SCROG - First Time Grow

    Hello Folks! This is my first time growing. This one was just for test that's why i don't have many pictures. First week i used 25W CFL light (24/0), after that i used 100W 6500K Led light till week 3 (20/4). From week 3 i used 400W HPS light (18/6) I started with the nutrients at day 14...
  3. capitanfaded

    Indoor 400W SuperLumens HPS - FastBuds (LSD-25/Crystal Meth Auto) Day 42

    Hey guys! I recently found out about this page and decided join, mostly because it seems like a really cool mix with people and where you can develop as a grower. Hope you all will enjoy my posts. So, first of all to get started, I have 2 LSD-25 and 1 Crystal Meth in flowering. I currently use...
  4. K

    Indoor 1st Auto grow and its crazy.Short stuff seeds,stunted a few

    I got the wring size tent but using it, around 4ft x 6ft its big , I got a 400 watt hps but I start with a 45 watt led then bought another 15 watt led as I was hoping it would help,there the chinese copy shit so I bought a 300 watt viper true watt 135 or 185 watt, then I see some difference...