1. dirty budster

    Dutch Passion AutoBlueBerry, AutoEuforia and BlueAutoMazar in a SCROG under LED

    I'm back again with another grow. Last grow didn't go great so I'm excited to start over with a new grow and put the old one behind me. I hope you will join me on the journey to a tent packed with bud :biggrin::) SETUP The setup will be as follows: Tent: 60x60x120cm (2x2x4 ft) Homebox XS Fan...
  2. dirty budster

    Dutch Passion Budster does autos, AutoBlueBerry, AutoBlackBerryKush & AutoEuforia in a SCROG under GN LED.

    Figured I would do an auto grow this time, mostly because I've emptied my stash of AutoBlueberry. I also want to see what can be achieved yield wise with autos. Also with autos I could possibly squeeze in an extra grow per year. The only drawback is no high CBD option, which was the reason I did...