1. Zootown68

    Importance of Air Exchange in Early Growth Stages?

    Hi, all. I gave myself lots of time to worry about things (and learn) before I begin my first grow on Jan 1, but have a feeling that my brain will actually NEVER stop worrying. This might be the perfect hobby for my OCD tendencies :gassy:. My tent is 32"x32"x5' and I have a 6" Hydrofarm fan...
  2. MassMom

    Nutrients Will my Advanced SensiGrow/Bloom go bad if this happens?......

    my last grow a while back I used Advanced Sensi Grow & Bloom. I tightened up the bottles before I stored them away. I was just going through my nutes and noticed that when I squeeze the bottles I can hear air rushing out...then when I let go the bottles fill up again with air. If I shake them...
  3. Y

    Grow Mediums Good quality air pump for autopot airdomes

    Hi all My air pump is acting up, i think its not putting out as much air as it should can anyone recommend me a good quality air pump for use with autopots? the one i have seems cheaply made thanks!
  4. SpaceGod

    New Grower Ventilation - Air Ionizer, No Carbon Filter

    I have a lot of open indoor space but close neighbors. As far as ventilation goes has anyone tryed using an air ionizer that is just as effective for keeping the smell down, and the plants in a healthy environment? I don't have the necessary skills to setup a whole ventilation system, my setup...
  5. derek420colorado

    Grow Mediums A Must Read for All DWC Growers! Increase your Yields and Get more AIR!!!

    So it seems that there has been quite the explosion in interest when it comes to folks doing DWC(deep water culture) growing. I have been growing in DWC for close to 10 years now and the reason I have chosen to stay with that method is because it is the most effective way to deliver O2(oxygen)...
  6. Ronin

    Old Reviews O2 Grow oxygen emitter "Next level oxygenation"

    Here's a new product I came across recently that may be of interest to some AFN growers.:cheers: O2 Grow I personally have not used this product yet, nor am I affiliated with them in any way.:toke: I'll be waiting for the price to drop before giving it a shot. Good day all:pass: