1. T

    Are these toobearky to LST?

    I've just popped a few extra auto ak thatbwill be going outdoors uk, and I'm wondering if this is too early to LST /train? I know lst means low stress training and low being the appropriate word, but as they're autos and I've been out the homeowner scene a couple of years I dont want to hinder...
  2. Fastbuds original AK completed

    Fastbuds original AK completed

    I started this one in jiffy puck on Sunday and come up Wednesday it's sitting in her pot now
  3. NugNoob

    New Grower NugNoob's - First Grow Adventure! AK-47's

    Hello one and all! Let me first say a BIG thank you to all who have helped me up to this point, It's made things a lot easier starting up on my first adventure. Seriously thank you, you know who you are and you've probably been tagged into this post anyway. Now strap in, cause this is a big...
  4. Hal 8999

    Indoor Has Anyone Seen This Mutation Before?

    It is a Kalishnakova I have going from Green House Seed Co. The first set of true leaves was just one big leaf. It has 5.5 fingers, the center is a fork tongue leaflet. I checked to see if the other leaf had gotten damaged, nope. Then I noticed it is a fusing of the two leaves. I can not see a...