amare technologies

  1. Groff

    Lighting Question about Amare… how much noise do they make?

    Hi there folk! How much noise do these lights make? Anyone can comment based on comparisons with other brands and such?
  2. BigSm0

    Lighting Amare se-450, hubbabubba and big sm0

    Hello again guys, gals and Victor. Doing a strain I have been dying to run for ages. The all mighty hubbabubbasmellascope by mephisto. Lighting- 3 Amare technologies se-450's Maybe some side lighting if they get out of control. A new bar I just built. 7' long and holds 6 Cree cobs. Soil-...
  3. iampepe

    Lighting Pep's Solar Eclipse 450 lights up some Gorilla Glue

    Hey AFN here goes my first journal under my brand new Amare. I've been wanting to upgrade to cob's for sometime, I spent many hours studying LED tech. and I nearly made my own. I may still attempt it at some point, it isn't cheap, it isn't pretty, no customer support and no warranty so I...
  4. Resinhound

    Indoor Mephisto and amare

    So here is a tyrone special at 56days grown under amare solarsystem 440,let me know what you think of her. My first run in coco and with these new fine lights.