amnesia stone 99

  1. Micron Creek

    Dragon Meds Amnesia Stone 99 Review

    Strain: Amnesia Stone 99 Grower Name: Castle Grown Breeder: Stone Medium: Mixture of 3/5 GH Organic Coco Coir, 2/5 Fox Farm Ocean Forest that has been pasteurized and inoculated with Plant Success Great White, Organic Lime Nutrients: Botanicare KIND- Base, Vegetative, Bloom Lights...
  2. Micron Creek

    Indoor Amnesia Stone 99

    Amnesia Stone 99 is a tester from AF Portal, a gift from Stone as a consolation in a photo contest. I entered my picture Blackstone Galaxy X. So here we are months later and she is in her fourth week of life. Before I lose track of everything I will start to share her. Grown in a mixture of...