auto durban poison

  1. C

    Indoor Durban auto poison

    I am waiting for your comments and suggestions for my 3 durban auto poison plants grown under 600 watt hps (day 17 )
  2. PickleRick

    Dutch Passion Think differnet, Auto Durban Poison - Autopot - LED

    Beans Dutch Passion - Think Different and Auto Durban Poison Grow room A 90x60cm closet dressed in mylar. Lights Skyline 400w (200w true). 20/4 light schedule. Medium x2 15L Auto-pots with coco, airdome with hydroton in the bottom. Nutrients Advanced nutrients Sensi Grow A-B Advanced...
  3. TaNg

    Dutch Passion TaNgs Auto Durban Poison.

    Got two Durbans on day 5 in the usual set up of 15l Airpots,Plagron,AN and GN Rebel MS0004s.