auto frisian dew

  1. SiamBuds

    Dutch Passion Best outdoor strains for hot and humid climate (SEA)

    Hi, whats best outdoor seeds? I want plant them in garden in organic soil pots in Thailand. My initial picks are: Frisian dew fem x 2 Auto Mazar x 1 Auto Ultimate x 1 Attached list of available seeds here locally.
  2. TaNg

    Lighting TaNgs StarRyder and Auto Frisian Dew.

    Hi guys I started these a couple of weeks ago, both DP autos...a StarRyder and a Auto Frisian Dew. My last StarRyder had a lovely pink hue when finished and the Frisian Dew should colour so it could be a pretty bloom. Set up is.... 15L Aipots. Plagron Light soil. Advanced Nutrients. First 40...