1. garnier

    Dutch Passion DP AutoXtreme Grow GN HS1 + MarsHydro + cfl

    First report/preview ever. please free to suggest, comment. Dutch Passion AutoExtreme lights used: GN HS1 + MarsHydro Reflector 48x3W + 3x45W cfl for boost veg. grow room: small wardrobe, sides with mylar 99% think its about 120x60x170cm - not been measuring this. fans: three small pc fans...
  2. DubV

    Indoor DubV's Dutch Passion Adventures

    Well its time to get the motor running and head out on another adventure my friends :dance2: So those not familiar with my setup Growlab 145, phresh carbon filter, vortex fan, 2 magnum plus leds, humidifiers, dehumidifier, and an assortment of floor fans. AN ph perfect line with additives and...