1. First grow - indoor 8 x automazar

    First grow - indoor 8 x automazar

    Hey guys I've thoroughly done research on growing and this is my first venture and I do hope you can join and most likely help/teach me along the way. I am currently growing AutoMazar from Dutch Passion, I have read alot of reviews of the strain and growing diaries and I thought it would be a...
  2. Grow2smok

    Indoor Grow Auto cheese and auto mazar

    Hey all not my first grow but a first for these seeds I got an auto cheese from canuck and an automazar from Dutch passion. Growing in ffof under 600w led. Auto cheese is day3 today and doing great Automazar still hasn't broken soil she is slow but has a fat taproot so I'm hopeful More...
  3. Grow2smok

    Auto cheese and auto mazar

    Hey all not my first grow but a first for these seeds I got an auto cheese and an auto mad at. Growing in ffof under 600w led. Auto cheese is day3 today and doing great so here is a pic. Automazar still hasn't come up from soil but I hope it does soon cuz she had a fat taproot:woohoo:. More...
  4. VitaMan

    AutoMazar Grow and Vape report

    SeedBank : Dutch Passion Strain: AutoMazar Did it autoflower?: Yes, around day 25 Soil/hydro: Potting mix w 30% coco coir Nutes: General Hydroponics FloraNova series, Rapid Start, cal-mag, silica, Light (kind and schedule): 210 (300) watt blurple LED, supplemental 18w 3500k LED "bulb" at...
  5. L0wbob2017

    L0wbobs little auto Outdoor Garden 2017

    So 2 weeks ago i got my 6 plants from @TheMongol to do my own journal. The 6 Plants: 3x AutoMazar 1x CBD Auto WhiteWidow 1x +Speed 1x the mark got lost :( [ could be an AutoUltimate ] Since then i am a bit behind and TheMongol is always asking about my thread so i just started it now haha. At...
  6. liquidsun

    400W, 80x80 tent, 3 Genetics: LSD-25, WW XXL, AutoMazar

    well, it's been long time passed that i couldn't find any place and time to grow this beauty of the nature until this time.. :) I'm a newbie, so feel free for any help and suggestions.. here is my setup; - 80x80x180 tent - 12L airpot - plagron lightmix soil - Advanced Nutrients (Sensi bloom...
  7. GreenColombianSalsa

    Second grow / second Automazar in Colombia

    Hi fellows, I recently started my second grow with a Dutch Passion Automazar. Noticing that I made some mistakes in my first grow (she got too small because she growed in heavy soil, among other reasons), I changed some things in this new one and she is really demostrating now that I was right...
  8. AutoIndi

    AutoMazar - MarsHydro Reflector 96

    Hi everybody. I have two DP Automazars going in 3 gallon buckets which began germination on May 30th. I'm using Pro-Mix Premium Organic Vegetable and Herb Mix, an OMRI listed soilless mixture that contains the following: Canadian sphagnum peat moss Peat humus Compost Perlite Gypsum Limestone...
  9. Dr. Babnik

    New Installation

    Piced up my new tent today. Now I have one for veg and one for flower. Very happy! Electrical work. I hope the house don't burn down. Electrical work by Dr. Babnik posted May 7, 2016 at 2:59 PM Engineering. Construction by Dr. Babnik posted May 7, 2016 at 2:59 PM Wellkomme to the new home...
  10. Dr. Babnik

    Operation Dutch Passion. Growing Automazar.

    Operation Dutch Passion Preparing my second grow. I have 2 Super Skunk in flower and a vegging White Widow. I purchased a new tent so I already can start new plants. Germination: I have a pack of 3 seeds. They were transfered to the propagator tray with perlite and some excess water. Perlite...
  11. Marty5678

    Marty's perpetual grow, 2 x cxb3590 72v secret Jardin dr60

    Hey everybody. Got a bit of a perpetual grow going on so anybody who wants to join is welcome ;) all advice will be greatly appreciated. Currently growing Fast buds - Girl Scout cookies - day 63 (I think) Dutch passion - AutoMazar - day 43 Dinafem - white widow XXL - day 43 Cream of the crop...
  12. Dr. Babnik

    How to plan for outdoor growing of an Automazar?

    I have been promissed a spot in a greenhouse. I want to grow an Automazar there. Can you help me with the following questions: 1. I am at 55 degrees North. At what (nigth) temperature is safe to keep the plant outside? 2. Should I germinate and grow it inside before transfer to greenhouse? I...
  13. T

    Thor's AutoMazar and Think Different

    Greetings. I had a question about TD and AM in 5 gallon DWC buckets. If trained into a scrog, in your opinion, how many TD would fit well into a 3x3 tent and how many AM would fit into a 4x4?