autonight queen

  1. HemiSync

    Lighting Side or bottom lighting?

    Just getting caught up on all the information in this area and still have a few threads to read but I was wondering if anyone had tried using an extra AutoCob for side or bottom lighting? I have had some grows where it was so dense in the tent, even with training, that having a 150w HPS shining...
  2. K

    Dutch Passion Dutch Passion-AutoNight Queen

    Could have swore I put a link to my grow in here but I guess not anyway here is my DP AutoNight Queen,she is 47 days short,fat and covered to gills with frosty goodness Cheers guys.
  3. K

    Dutch Passion Kakarot & AutoNight Queen

    I am running a Dutch Passion AutoNight Queen in this grow I am going for my DP and DinaFem badges so here is the link to my main journal, there is also a link in my signature much luv guys. Dutch Passion's AutoNight Queen
  4. K

    Indoor Grow 6- Dutch Passion-AutoNight Queen,Sweet Seeds-Auto BlackJack & DinaFem-Auto Moby Dick

    Captains Bong-10/10/16- Ok lets try this again, originally I was going to do the Dutch Passion-AutoNight Queen,Sweet Seeds-Auto Black Jack and CBD Seeds Auto YumBolt and I was soooo excited to try the Auto Yumbolt. Well guess what the whole damn 6 pack from CBD SEEDS were fucking duds lol :( ...
  5. MedGrower

    Lighting AutoNight Queen (HS1/DWC )

    Hey hey hey! :toke: Finally I am starting my grow with Dutch Passions new automatic, AutoNight Queen ( At the same time I am feeling brave and I will be putting @TaNg's Easy Feeding schedule at test...
  6. Hazy

    Dutch Passion Hazy's Ickle Early Outdoor ANQ Grow

    Spring has sprung...Time to get some plants out, these two ANQ's were planted out in a pot of BioBizz Light soil on the 23rd Feb...both are now up. Curious to see how they do planted out this early. It's already 16-18 degrees during the day and down to 10 at night. At the very least i will be...
  7. Hazy

    Dutch Passion Hazy's Auto Night Queen Grow

    Good to be back… First i would like to thank all at Dutch Passion for the chance to grow their newest Autoflower genetics here on AFN. The set up will be roughly the same as usual, except this time i'm using 18L pots instead of 15L. The canes will be coming into play. Grown under 600w HPS. So...