1. NixonIsNow

    Indoor Bagseed? Advanced Nutrients

    Hi Y'all its been a few years. lol I've got a few minor grows in after that but this time I had to try out advanced nutrients PH perfect's line up. This is also my first DWC experience. I got random seeds from supposedly amsterdam so I have no idea but it's a mix...exciting? I'm also curious...
  2. The Bedroom Gardener UK

    Photoperiod Jamaican Unknown Reveg And Grow

    Way back in 2014 I went on holiday to Jamaica for my 40th Birthday. While I was there, I managed to buy a lovely bit of bud from a dude called Spida who ran the boats. I was well ripped off in the price but didn't care, as I knew with the bud being grown outside I would get some seeds. Sure...
  3. elcoloan

    New Grower Bagseeds in a 2x2x4 with one Autocob - Coco Hempy Buckets

    Hello! Pretty excited to begin this journal. This first post will be to give the specs of my growing setup, and a brief background into the current plants growing in there. I will be sharing pics and update on their progress in subsequent posts. Will try to update at least once a week...
  4. hashead

    New Grower round 2! lets get perpetual!

    So ive got my first grow under my belt, nothing to brag about but im happy out! Made basically every mistake I could and the girls were so forgiving! My big mistake was not realizing its not just one and done. I need to sustain and rotate and keep the smoke flowing and bud growing! So im gonna...
  5. Tin Wiskers

    Indoor Mish·Mash Grow - Home Bred KVS Regular Seeds and 7+ Year Old Bag-seed Find (photo)

    Hey Folks, I posted last night in the intro section as a returning old stoner trying to fire up some old seed stash...I thought it would be fun to do a "grow journal" since I've never done one, and actually have no clue myself what the old bag seeds were. I NEVER kept bag-seeds unless they...