1. Frogster

    Indoor Champion's Final - Auto Gorilla Bigfoot - Frogster Grow

    This will be my Official Grow Journal for the "Final Leg - 2019" ShortStuff Battle. I already have the seeds for this grow. Waiting for the "Pre Germ" Date before wetting seeds. This will be a 3 plant grow 1 x "Short Stuff - Auto Gorilla Bigfoot" will share a tent & environment with 2 other...
  2. Marshydro


    What's up everyone? Haven't seen you for some time! Today we are making our FIFTH Mars Hydro Cup Notice here! This time, our TOPIC is to find the best Mars Hydro reviewers. So as long as you have one Mars Hydro products, you can take part in, no matter it is a Mars Light, Mars tent, Mars...
  3. Buddy Barrel

    Lighting CFL BATTLE Vertical vs Horizontal

    Hey everybody I just started growing my own, using CFL There are plenty of you out there using these kind of lights all with different results. Now i like to challenge all of you to put in your experience and decide once and for all... how to use those watts to the max potential!!! first...