1. 420SOS

    Cannabis' side effects, are there any?

    We normally associate "side effects" as negative because they usually are and that's what I find in most places. So following that train of thought do you believe there are serious side effects to consuming marijuana other than forgetfulness, drowsiness(in some cases) and an insatiable...
  2. BCrisis420

    Old Reviews Recharge bennies vs Voodoo juice

    Not sure if this is the place to post the question, or if perhaps there's already a thread asking it...but is anyone here using Recharge in place of Voodoo Juice/Piranha? I have a small container of recharge, and I was wondering if I should even waste money on Voodoo juice; if the Recharge can...
  3. Grim Reefer

    Super Anti - Root Rot Tea

    Introduction This Tea will completely stop root rot and act as a preventative as long as its used on a weekly basis. It will make the beneficial bacteria product last 100 times longer as we create over billions of beneficial bacteria working to help improve your crop. Plant Benefits Your...