1. Denzul

    OLD REVIEWS Favorite Indica Auto?

    During this recent lockdown I have grown to truly appreciate a nice indica as I have spent much more time locked into my couch. This got me wondering what my favorite indica Dominent auto has been. Actually turned out to be a mystery mix from mephisto that did it for me which does nothing...
  2. 420weedwizard

    Live Stoners What is the best Autoflowering OG Kush?

    Hey guys, who in your opinion has the best OG Kush (breeders) ?. In terms of potency, similarity to the real OG Kush (I know that there are different cuttings of real deal OG Kush), and the iconic OG Kush structure.
  3. P J

    OLD REVIEWS Most Potent non-medical auto strain?

    I have already chosen green crack and six shooter, any idea on third most potent non-medical auto strain? Thank you all for your help and concern.
  4. Johnnybudseed


    Hello, i was wondering in your opinion what was the best overall auto you have ever grown? I am sure everyone would like to see everyones personal favorite and chat about the differences. I know i would. Please take a moment and post your Favorite EVER you or a friend has grown! Please post...