big bang auto

  1. Prof Green

    Photoperiod Prof Green's Mixed Marijuana .... (Photo and Auto)

    Hello All, Ive been growing weed for 5 to 6 years, im now re-starting after a 2-year break, some things ive remembered, others not so much :haha: This isn't a start to finish one run diary, it's going to be a rolling diary from now until .... well lets just say Ive no plans to retire any time...
  2. Hal 8999

    Indoor Big Bang Auto GHC Seeds

    This strain has been so fast and easy. It has recently began to develop tricombs and smell. It has the best floral sweet scent. I have been using the General Hydroponics Maxi series and Koolbloom boosters. Armor Si and Hydroguard round out my additive line up. The first is silica supplement and...