1. Super Soil for Massive Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Indoor.

    Super Soil for Massive Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Indoor.

    Ok, so Autoflower Network and here I am growing Photos, shame shame I know your name. Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon, Tut for short. 2 plants side by side in 30 gallon containers under 2 600 watt HID ghetto styles with reflectors. Say what you want, I still think they outperform LED and LEC, just so...
  2. Dr. Babnik

    Fast Buds Dr. Babnik Growing Green Crack

    Dear all. Due to a drastic change in circumstances, Dr. Babnik is delayed. I finally got a job. However, I work at an island in the middle of the ocean and only visit home 36 hrs in the weekend. Her Ladyship has killed a substancial number of my plants, only the few she did not touch has...
  3. saneiegocali92

    Indoor Sandi's Grand Old Grow :)

    Hows everyone doing? Its been awhile since I have posted a grow, finally have some quality equipment. So here is what we are working with this time. x2 Galaxy Tents(Each 8x4x7) x4 1200 watt King Spec LEDs x2 480 watt Mars Reflector LEDs x3 450 watt Galaxy LEDs x2 465 CFM rated 6 inch Vortex...
  4. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Whats the best pots out there?

    And size. Looking to buy some. All responses are appreciated. Thanks guys!