black dragon

  1. The Bedroom Gardener UK

    Indoor Saving The Old Dragons

    Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin. In 2012 I was lucky enough to be posted some Black Dragon #2 to the UK :dragon2:. I set about growing these, with some great results. I am a sucker for a lovely purple bud. To not lose out on future crops I bred a couple out in 2013...
  2. Royalrick

    Indoor Black Diesel & Livers N Cheese

    Ok so this will be my second grow journal. I got a little more knowledge and some better soil so lets see what happens. Tent: 2x2x4 This tent will be in a room with its own A/C unit Temp will range from 70-77 inside tent with R/H between 40-50% Seeds: Black Diesel and Livers N cheese. Soil...
  3. Righteous Reefer

    Dragon Meds Looking for "Mossy"

    Hello , I'm a newb to this site and I've come to search for the mystical and elusive black dragon? From the myth and or facts that led my journey here to attempt to find some auto seeds of this plant. Anything helps cheers
  4. The Bedroom Gardener UK

    Indoor Black Dragons 2016

    Black Dragons 2016 250w MH / HPS
  5. TaNg

    Dragon Meds Black Dragon Vape Report.

    SeedBank : Dragon Masters (breeder Mossy) Strain: Black Dragon Did it autoflower?: Y/N Yes after about 3 weeks Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Light (kind and schedule): Grownorthern LED 24/0 until sex then 20/4 From seed to harvest date: __days 88 days Dry Yield: _g 116g...