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black jack

  1. Rebel

    Indoor Rebel's Coffee Shop

    Good morning AFN! :coffee: It's a new year! :vibe::vibe::vibe::vibe: And I've got a whole new harem to kick off the new year! I have seedlings of 2 x G13 Auto Blueberry, 1 x Emerald Triangle Headlight Kush, 1 x Buddha Mystery Auto (from their mix pack) I'm waiting on 2 x Sweet Seeds Black...
  2. Rebel

    Sweet Seeds Rebel's Sweet Seeds 2016 Thread

    Happy New Year to you all! I'm excited for 2016 as its already starting off amazingly good! My tents are full! And I've dropped 3 x Sweet Seeds Autos! 2 x Black Jack and 1 x Black Cream! Hansbricks' Black Cream inspired me to pull the trigger! Black Jack is an old favorite and Sweets seeds...
  3. Wile e Peyote

    Sweet Seeds Wile-e-peyote does a Black Jack or four

    hey up fellow afn ers thought I would start a grow thread here for some Sweetseeds Black Jack (may be get some of them sweet tester packs ) my set up is a secret jardin ds 150 my lights are Amare technologies solar eclipse se 250 (cob) and 2 solar spec ss150 cr (Cree) pulling 580 watts from the...