blackberry kush

  1. scally420

    Dutch Passion Blackberry Kush Auto.

    Blackberry Kush day#1.. it's going to be grown in an autopot.
  2. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion Terra's Blueberry forest in 8.5L autopots

    Hi everyone, welcome to my future forest :biggrin: I shall be experimenting with 8.5L autopots instead of the 15L ones I normally use. I soaked the seeds in water for 24 hours and put them between some paper towels. I then sowed 7 Dutch Passion Auto Blueberry's (courtesy of @DutchPassionTony) in...
  3. GrowTheDro

    Indoor GrowTheDro Does UnderCurrent, 10 Beans

    Okay folks! Here we go again! Have 5x blackberry kush FB auto ,3x Bubba kush auto Dinafem, 3x White Widow victory auto. Soaked in water for 24 Hrs, Put into flushed and nutrient added rockwool cubes today!, Will be using an undercurrent system this time around! make it much easier for water...
  4. Terra Firma

    Dutch Passion Terra's DP Auto Blackberry Kush grow under LED

    Hi fellow growers, I've started a new Dutch Passion AutoBlackberry Kush grow. I put seeds into some water to germinate on the 13th of February. My setup: Space: Mammoth Pro 1.2×1.2m tent Medium: Plagron Lightmix Containers: 15L Airpots, 16L Smartpot Light: 2 x GN HS1 LED + Mars Hydro Reflector...