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  1. ocurioso

    Autoflower RQS 2x Mimosa, 1 Orion F1 - First Grow

    Hello everyone! Starting my first grow, special thanks to @Jpkindbud @hecno @Rasterman for their opinions on my setup ( The idea of this post is to track my progress, leave my learning from mistakes and successes to help new...
  2. G

    Nutrients Advanced Nutrients - EC, Cal-Mag, & Bloom Boosters

    Hey all! G-Diddy Dank here... professional cultivator and entrepreneur. I’m new to the community and haven’t been active on forums in almost two decades... but I’m looking forward to kicking some knowledge around as well as learning a thing or two from all of you! I’m about to do my first...
  3. D

    New Grower 10 week old sweet tooth yellowing but still not ready for harvest!

    Hello everyone! First time grower and first time poster, I have a 10 week old sweet tooth that is not yet done blooming and is starting to get fully yellow leaves all around with some showing brown spots but not all of them. The plant was kept both inside and outside (mostly the latter) and has...
  4. Dr. Babnik

    New Grower Advanced Nutrients - Bud Ignitor vs. Bud Blood

    I was browsing the net for info on wheather or not Bud Ignitor actually works. Somewhere it was written that experience showed that the concentration of Bud Ignitor have to be increased in order to get the same effect as with Bud Blood. I have Bud Ignitor. Maybe combine it with P/K sol'n? Any...