1. Day 45

    Day 45

    Hi AFN! Here, summer continues its effect, albeit with a delay. I hope the days will come when we will realize that global warming is not a joke. I couldn't help saying it because it had been on my mind for a long time. As for the plant, I think she needs a flush now. Although I managed to...
  2. steelcap956

    New Grower Polar Express DWC Day 1

    Sprouted in 3 days with heatpad and in a plastc cake tray from the Dollar store. Soaked cube in 5.5 ph'ed solution. rhizotonic 0.5ml, maxigro 1/4 tsp in store distilled. Room temp 69-70f Heat mat thermostat controlled with a W1209 controller. Placed under 30w full spectrum led today. No water...
  3. max holloway

    Indoor blooming situation question

    hi guys quick question here: i have four babies indoor and one of them (auto critical +) seem to stop its blooming, i mean she started to bud but theres no trichome development and it seemed to stop. also she has some "droopiness" problem in some leafs. i thought its overwatering but it doesn't...
  4. D

    New Grower Stupid question

    i got one really stupid question, i was thinking if autoF. dont need 12/12 for flowering, can they be grown under the bloom light only??
  5. Dr. Babnik

    Indoor Best bloom and bud booster?

    I use base nutes from Hesi and grow in soil. What is the best booster for bloom and budding out there?
  6. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Cal-Mag Needed? also how beneficial is it?

    Hello, At the moment i am in full bloom for 3 of my plants and am feeding the following - FF Big Bloom 3 tspn, FF Tiger Bloom 2 tspn, 1 tspn molasses, 1 pinch epsom and 1/8th tspn superthrive - [super once a month] I also will be recieving CalMag in the next few days, will that replace the...
  7. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Is anyone familiar with FloraNova Bloom?

    Hey guys, I just purchased FloraNova Bloom and was wondering if i should switch from FF. Your guys opinions would be great and also feeding schedules and PH would be lovely. Thanks guys!