blue dream

  1. D

    Indoor Is she looking ok? First grow so i have a couple of worries!!

    This is my girl, it is day 3 of week 5. I have a couple of worries in mind and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction? is she the right size I think she’s a bit small?? I think she’s a little toxified aswell as a couple of leaves are curling, only by the smallest bit like...
  2. hotdogking15

    Slow to flower

    This is my blue dream auto and it’s been nearly 2 months and it’s only just started flowering?? It’s also so short? The only reason I’m freaking out is cause I ran out of weed ahahha. I’m guessing this definitely isn’t normal lol.:pass:
  3. P R O P H I S

    Photography NCH X Dreamweaver (my own) Fem Seed Run

    Hi from Vermont! I haven't posted in a while, been busy doing the work. Just wanted to share these beautiful buds
  4. DevilDog_0651

    Photoperiod 2nd attempt at Dementia outdoors

    I am running my second attempt at growing the Dementia strain from Loud seeds. Cross between amnesia haze and blue dream (which doesn't tell me anything). Anyone have experience growing this? My first attempt back in may or so led to a beautiful bush with like 18 tops, but it ended up hermied...
  5. S

    Harvest & Curing Blue Dream Update

    Hello again! I've gotta get used to the whole discussion/thread organization thing, but I figured I'd post here since I'm nearing the end of my grow and want to be sure I harvest at the right time.
  6. theRealDespotic

    Photography TRDFarmer's Photo Flower Tent

    Hey folks, been slow getting going on this thread but the flower room was finally cleared of the autos and the photo flower begun. The last auto run was the first under my diy cob fixture and I'm happy to report that it was a success. The journal is elsewhere on AFN and may be linked in my sig...
  7. budelee

    New Grower HST Topping,Scrog,Mainline,Fimming,Circular Training,Supercropping,By Budelee

    Cool, Welcome along for this ride too @ChillFred ,I'm thinking I'm gonna fim one of these plants as well,I have 5 total ,three healthy ones and two smaller ones.I guess it won't really hurt( in the long run).the main thing is the results not the yield( ouch that hurts to say) .That way we will...