blue hash


    Photoperiod Noob ? on EU conversions in photoperiod

    Blame the US and our silly inch vs cm conversions - But I had a gift that I am on my 6 gen clone and it is great. BUT - by the time it gets to bud time, the mites take over cause it is so old. According to SF reviews: Initiation of flowering onto around 25 cm. - Final Height onto around 123 cm...
  2. Rebel

    Dinafem Rebel's Dinafem Picture Gallery

    Since the addition of one of my all time favorite seed companies is now on board I'd like to show off some of the Dinafem gear I've grown over the last 5 years... Let's get our fingers sticky shall we? Auto Amnesia 2013 Blue Hash (Photoperiod) Auto Critical Jack (still among a...