blue planet nutrients

  1. swerve

    Indoor Swerve's perpetual grow multiple strains

    Hello thanks for stopping by look forward to providing a documented grow Journal right now we're doing some photo periods hopefully we can get some Dinafem autos n the tent. Currently right now we're running Canna nutrients as our base and some additives from House and Garden are normal basis...
  2. swerve

    Indoor Zombie kush, space queen & chemdawg#4 by Swerve

    Hey guys this is my grow journal for zombie Kush space queen and chemdawg number 4 they're going to three weeks of flowering in the next few days they have been fed Blue Planet nutrients along with additives from House and garden these are photo period plants if you would like to see The Growth...
  3. swerve

    Indoor White widow xxl auto & zombie kushx4

    Day 29 on the 3 ww xxl autos and Day 21 on the zombie kush plants. All under 1k mh in a 5x5 tent. Using house and garden on the autos and blue planet nutrients on the kush plants.
  4. swerve

    New Grower Dinafem White Widow XXL

    I'm New to auto flowers... I have grown photos many times been browsing the site wondering if anyone had any pointers do's and don'ts I will be using coco.