blue velvet

  1. TaNg

    Lighting TaNg's Night Queen and Blue Velvet under GN Holographic Series 1s

    These are DP photoperiods and will be grown in the usual 15L Airpots with Plagron Light soil and Advanced Nutrients. There now vegging under a 75w GN HS1 and will have 2 for bloom. The ages are a little staggered because the younger Blue Velvet took a while to break ground so much so I soaked...
  2. TaNg

    Dutch Passion DP Blue Velvet vape report.

    SeedBank : Dutch Passion Strain: Blue Velvet/Blueberry Thai Did it autoflower?: Photoperiod Strain. Soil/hydro: Plagron Light Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Light (kind and schedule): 24/0 fro 4 weeks the 12/12 From seed to harvest date: __days 94 days Dry Yield: _g 14oz off 2 pants...
  3. TaNg

    Dutch Passion TaNg's DP Blue Velvet Preview Grow.

    Got my paws on some more unreleased DP beans,this time a classic photoperiod strain from the Blueberry family bred by DJ Short. This strain hasn't been around for a while and Dutch Passion have been working with the original seed stock from when they worked with DJ Short,here is a little info...