1. F | T |F Growery

    F | T |F Growery

    Fluidus. | Topiaria. | Fumus. Welcome to the Growery. My personal blog space where I grow and show. I like quality, I'm slightly a perfectionist, and OCD to some degree. Product testing, general runs of my favorite cultivars, maybe some preservationism, and a bunch of pictures. Love for...
  2. Death The Cultivator

    Photoperiod The Limited Editions: Ace Seeds

    Fuuuuuckkkkk everything else is my first feeling but realistically I have Jack Herer clones awaiting and some auto diesel going. So for anyone curious; this is my dedicated grow journal to Ace and their limited edition catalogue. it is my hope and intent with this diary to encounter some unique...
  3. Yunglord

    Mephisto Genetics White Crack Smoke Report

    SeedBank: Mephisto Strain: White Crack Did it autoflower: Yes, Sex at day 21, pre-flower Day 28, Full flower by day 35 Soil/hydro: Canna Coco Nutes: Canna Coco A & B, White Vinegar as my PH down Description: Strong, yet not sedative, great to smoke during the day. Light (kind and...