bubba kush

  1. Tom'sinflatedballs

    New Grower 2nd Grow: LED, Soil, Bubba Kush, Jack Herer, Bruce Banner, BubbleGum

    What's up everyone! Grew my first bud two years ago, a move back home, and some logistical issues aside, I am now back and rolling! wohooooo! My first grow taught me sooo much. Probably the most important thing I learned, was that this is the greatest hobby of all time. There is nothing like...
  2. Tyler_Durden88

    Indoor Bubba Kush aka Suckerpunch

    Heres my suckerpunch by autoseeds. She grown in canna coco coir with advanced nutrients ph perfect sensi grow and bloom. Under a roleadro 400w cob led. Ill be updating its progress frequently.
  3. GrowTheDro

    Indoor GrowTheDro Does UnderCurrent, 10 Beans

    Okay folks! Here we go again! Have 5x blackberry kush FB auto ,3x Bubba kush auto Dinafem, 3x White Widow victory auto. Soaked in water for 24 Hrs, Put into flushed and nutrient added rockwool cubes today!, Will be using an undercurrent system this time around! make it much easier for water...
  4. Duggy

    Dinafem Bubba Kush with Duggy

    Germinating 2 x Bubba Kush in damp paper. Prepared 15L Autopot with Lightmix adding Biotabs, Startrex and Myxotrex..Tent cleaned and new Skyline LED set up.. Looking forward to the Bubba having seen some lovely grows from @scally420 and others... Pics to follow...
  5. thomas m

    Indoor My current grow Amare SE500

    Hey guys. im starting this journal from flowering. soory. So the strain is Ultra Violence. She is extremely rare. and very expensive. I am serious when i tell you i have never smelled a plant like her. Super sticky she is very icky. please enjoy and check out my amare se 500 review for a grow im...
  6. scally420

    Dinafem Scally's summer of Dinafem!

    I'am gonna be running some of my favourite strains,I'am starting with the plant I love the most "Bubba Kush",here she is day#1-7.
  7. Fuggzy

    Dinafem Fuggzy does a Dina

    Hi guys, and :welcome:This is going to be a single Bubba Kush auto, and my first experience with Dinafem. I first saw this plant in a journal from @scally420 and bought some seeds asap. She will be grown in a 16"x16" tent under a 150w hps, and is in a 3.5 gallon fabric pot. The soil is home...