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buddha seeds

  1. wes

    New Grower First autoflower Grow Purple Kush

    Hello and welcome to my First autoflower grow. I am using Buddha seeds Purple Kush. I am an experienced grower but mostly outdoor. This is one of my outdoor SKxNL girls. I am using a 3x3 vivosun tent with 2 1000w equivalent triple chip LEDs, and 100cfm ventilation. Medium is Miracle Gro organic...
  2. 7

    New Grower Weird discoloration on my leaves someone help?

    Not exactly sure what's wrong with her I need some help Buddha seeds autoflower 300 watt led Fox farms ocean forest Fox farms trio Cal mag
  3. 7

    New Grower First autoflower grow Buddha seeds

    Hey how's it going everybody? my name is Alex I'm from Oregon I'm doing my first autoflower grow the genetics I have to work with are from Buddha seeds I got the Buddha seeds assorted 10 pack I'm currently at week 2 day 15. Any tips or help would be awesome! Here is my progress
  4. A

    New Grower Mix pack madness: Buddha seeds auto mix

    Hello all! Newbie to the site, just about have my first auto grow under my belt. I just popped 3 more today and figured I'd start a journal to track my success (or failure). Here's the stats: Strain: Buddha seeds mix, unknown variety. Environment: 4x5x8 closet, insulated floor and mylar...