1. rom3o

    Indoor Buddha Auto Purple Kush 300w LED

    Me Been growing for some time now . maybe 7 or 8 grows usually post on other sites but since me only grow autos me decide to move to this site to help share tee knowledge/research me come here to gain at times. well tee grow is buddha Auto Purple kush . 2nd time growing but last time was bad...
  2. TheBadKid

    Outdoor Outdoor Multi-Strain Grow (20+ auto strains)

    Welcome to my journal everyone, take a sit and spark one because this is gonna be a long post :smoking: Alright so like I said in my introduction I've been growing photos outside for the past 10 years or so, and this is my first real round with autos (grew a few last year without knowing the...
  3. Johnnybudseed

    Indoor [Buddha Seeds Auto Mix] Experiment.

    Here is 3 Buddha Seeds Plants [strains unknown] all of these are the same age [one is lagging] I also have 2 outdoors as they outgrew my tent. I will be posting more pics tomorow if possible. I am trying to defeminize a female for pollen and breed the plants for seeds [seeds are too expensive]...
  4. Johnnybudseed

    [Buddha Seeds Experiment] sex change and breeding.

    Hello, I am currently in the middle of this project - Buddha Seeds Mix - 3 growing at 15 days old. One of em lagging behind for some reason. Anyways I am treating the middle front one with fem spray and am at day 3 spraying it. I have no clue what strains these are and am looking to breed the...