1. The420Kid

    Auto Seeds Sucker Punch Round 2

    Hello peeps. This is my second attempt at the SP. I grew 2 out and was very happy with what i done but think there is aways room for improvment. I want to try some lst on thislasy one and see what the difference is. Here is my first journal...
  2. The420Kid

    Indoor Auto Seeds Sucker punch, Blue Amnesia, Closet, Led/Cfl

    Hello everybody. This is my first grow journal but i have grown abit and i am always looking to improve my grow. This is my set up Auto seeds Sucker punch x2. I spent along tme looking for the right auto version of my favorite strain Bubba Kush and when i read about this strain it looked...
  3. Buddy Barrel

    Grow Room Vertical CFL 125w 2700k, paradise seeds autoflowers

    Hey Guys, so... finally got going with my own grow! I have some experience with outdoor growing. Nothing serious though, no proper genetics or feeding, just experimenting. Did a years of plant sciences at university in 2010 and knowledge of plants has further developed since. It has been on my...