1. marijuaman

    Nute burn in organic soil

    Hey all! These plants are 47 days old and suffering from what I think is nute burn. Medium is FFOF/perlite, with just plain PH 6.3-6.5 tap water apart from a single top dressing. I had some low soil PH issues in the first 3 weeks, so I decided to top dress with build-a-flower around week 3 in...
  2. A

    Need calmag? Help please :)

    My son sprayed ceramic car coating on some of my leaves... wiped and rinsed off and I thought the burn was from that, but wondering if I've actually got a calcium deficiency. Thanks for any help
  3. A

    Nutrients Autoflower & super soil help

    So I'm planning on planting a few autoflower seeds during these upcoming months however I'm located in the UK and will be doing this outdoor using sunlight (of course this is frowned upon) therefore I'll be planting the seeds in a secluded but we'll lit location which I have acquired. I don't...
  4. trendkill84

    Grow Mediums On going life crushing PROBLEM!!!! (FIXED)

    I have had this problem is 2 grows now and have tried to get help and went threw my whole set up etc etc and never found the problem. I never go over 500 ppms with flora nova grow big bud etc etc. I water once daily and thats when they droop bad. Am I feeding them too much too little watering...