1. Wclazerdub

    Week 3 leaf discoloration

    It's week 3 and 2 autoflowers are showing leaf discoloration. Coco/peat/vermiculite with Dr. Earth amended at less than half strength. Closet with one fan. 14 100 watt equivalent LED bulbs 40k and 30k. Temps 76F RH: 54% Soil holds a lot of water. Watering 1 to 2 times a week. Soil pH: 6.5...
  2. TaTHC

    HELP!!!!! Not sure what this is

    so this is what's going on...I think I over fed but not sure with what...or is it my ph? The overall plants OK Iguess .
  3. Johnnybudseed

    Old Reviews Cal-Mag Needed? also how beneficial is it?

    Hello, At the moment i am in full bloom for 3 of my plants and am feeding the following - FF Big Bloom 3 tspn, FF Tiger Bloom 2 tspn, 1 tspn molasses, 1 pinch epsom and 1/8th tspn superthrive - [super once a month] I also will be recieving CalMag in the next few days, will that replace the...