canna nutrients

  1. Minime2020

    Indoor Forbidden runtzs and cash crop

    Hay everyone this is My indoor grow I have 2 cash crop and 1 forbidden runtzs, These are grown in coco and I'm using canna nutrients The lights are Mars hydro 1 is 3 weeks the others are a little behind at two and one week Thought I could do this grow without a journal but I didn't know how...
  2. JimCoffeeBeans

    New Grower JimCoffeeBeans First time Auto Grow: Blackberry Kush, Sour Hound, Auto Lemon

    Hello AFN! Been reading the forums here for a while as I'm new to autos (and growing weed in general - this is only my second grow and my first had many problems and an early harvest), so I thought I'd hop in here and share my experience. And hopefully get some advice as well. My main...
  3. ironnoob

    Indoor Ironnoobs 2200w 2metre tent, Dutch passion and mephisto

    hey all! Merry Christmas! Lets get straight down and dirty! About me Iv been growin for a few years now with only a couple successful yields. It really is a learning curve but an enjoyable one, so yeah I love the smoke but it's encouraged me to grow vegetables and flowers aswell! Here's some...
  4. RockCity

    Indoor RockCity's Organic-"ish" Soil-based Mephisto Auto Experience featuring Amare SE880 LED

    This is my first grow since my last journal (which vanished so I wouldn't bother going and looking for it). My previous experience has been with Photos - now I've decided to get my feet wet with some Auto's, and who else better to go with than some Mephisto genetics. So far I have 3 Triangle...
  5. swerve

    Indoor Swerve's perpetual grow multiple strains

    Hello thanks for stopping by look forward to providing a documented grow Journal right now we're doing some photo periods hopefully we can get some Dinafem autos n the tent. Currently right now we're running Canna nutrients as our base and some additives from House and Garden are normal basis...
  6. wynnyin

    Grow Mediums 60 day lemon in aeros master system 4 dwc

    Hi afn I am trying my first dwc grow with 60 day lemon from DNA under a 600w hps/mh using canna aqua.
  7. Itisi

    New Grower Auto extreme. Dutch Passion

    Hey up. Auto. Extreme. Dutch. Passion. Google links all those words to sex quite freely! This will be my 3rd auto grow, sativa dominant strains where my bogey when I used to grow, back in the day. But, now we have the Internet and the autos! Game on! I had really crap germ rates on...