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  1. gorillaseeds

    Win Gelato Feminized from Gorilla Seeds - 2 Prize's available on this post!

    HOW TO ENTER We are giving away Gelato Feminized Seeds - 5 feminized seeds for each prize winner. There are 2 prizes available on this platform Please click on the above image to increase your chance of winning be entering on the four other platforms listed! ( Will all be live in next 24 hours)...
  2. The Vault

    Are You Ready for The Vault’s Biggest Ever Seed Giveaway?

    Did you know that at The Vault, we’ve made it possible to not only get free seeds with every single order: But also to pick exactly which great freebies you’d like to receive? We’re so proud of this fact that we’re going to hold our biggest giveaway yet… The Vault is offering up 101 superb...