cash crop

  1. SGCEO


    My first time trying to post failed so i said fuck it and it got worse so ill make it quick. I have 5 autos in coco the first 3 i started around 4 weeks ago the last 2 was about a week after. The first couple weeks i had no epsom salts but it has been about a week and a half since i have been...
  2. BigPurple

    Dutch Passion DP AutoDaiquiri Lime, Auto Blackberry Kush & CashCrop

    Ok guys - I just worked out how to upload photos minus metadata.. so here goes.. Sorry it's not started from the off but better late than never! I use 15 Litre airpots. For the Daiquiri Limes (day 57), I ventured into coco coir properly this time, and after realising that my nute mix was way...
  3. Marty5678

    Indoor Marty's perpetual grow, 2 x cxb3590 72v secret Jardin dr60

    Hey everybody. Got a bit of a perpetual grow going on so anybody who wants to join is welcome ;) all advice will be greatly appreciated. Currently growing Fast buds - Girl Scout cookies - day 63 (I think) Dutch passion - AutoMazar - day 43 Dinafem - white widow XXL - day 43 Cream of the crop...
  4. Cannabreeder

    Indoor Cash Crop Auto

    This will be my other grow journal im running at the same time as my west coast og auto. This little lady was just transplanted into a 3 gallon smart pot with happy frog soil under 2 150 watt hps lights. Shes about an inch tall. Lights are about 35" above them for now.