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cheese xxl

  1. AeroJay

    New Grower 1st Aeroponics build-Cheese XXL Auto grow

    Hi all. Glad I found such an amazing forum with such helpfull peeps. I have been doing some research on my first grow. (getting my sh*t together) It has come a long way and I have drawn up my build as you will see in the picture. Besides the build I have been looking at each procedure in the...
  2. Dhante420

    New Grower First Time, Soil, Think Different & Cheese XXL

    Hi Guys,:hippy: So here is my first ever grow and first post on AFN. So im growing in my 4'x4' tent under a 600w ViparSpectra LED light, I have 3 Think Different and 3 Cheese XXL. They are growing in 10 litre pots in Bio Bizz Light mix with more added perlite. They are on about day 3 since they...
  3. Ronin

    Dinafem Dinafem Cheese XXL

    Dinafem Cheese XXL Container:2 Gallon Airpot (red bottom) Medium: Botanicare coco Nutrients: General Organics Lighting: 900w MarsII LED @18/6 56"/142.24cm tall from rim of airpot Harvested on day 64. Thanks for stopping by!