1. Lilly_of_the_Zoo

    Mephisto Genetics Chemdogging Bud Porn - out of this world colors!

    Check her out! she was full on rasta colored when I cut her last night/this morning. Yellow red and green. Looked like I dipped her in dye. I love this strain. It's hands down Mephistos most stable strain. I get this plant every time, unless i do something different. It got colder in the closet...
  2. *COMPLETE*   Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Chemdogging by Mephisto Genetics

    Completed *COMPLETE* Lilly_of_the_Zoo does Chemdogging by Mephisto Genetics

    I try to always keep some of the Chem family in my grow tents, and Chemdogg is one of my favorites. I just harvested one today, and I have one that is just about 3 weeks old. I am starting this journal entry to keep track of my currently growing Chemdogg. As soon as the lights come on, I will...
  3. chemdogging main cola closeup

    chemdogging main cola closeup

    This was the main central cola, and this bud was about 4.5'' wide at the middle point. this was one of the plants that made me fall in love with taking photos of them.
  4. Chemdogging closeup side bud

    Chemdogging closeup side bud

    Chemdogging, post fan removal. taken with a small, low-res camera, unfortunately. it was all I had at the time.
  5. Chemdogging 9/2018

    Chemdogging 9/2018

    full body shot. this was the first auto I grew that was bigger than I am. BEAUTIFUL white frosty buds, and golfballs all the way to the main stem.
  6. Chemdogging


    main cola before trim (july 2019)
  7. Chemdogging


    full body shot (july 2019)
  8. Faction

    Mephisto Genetics Chemdogging, Sour Livers, Fantasmo Express in RDWC

    Hello AFN - I am very new here so please forgive the mistakes I will be making!! This is a journal of my second autoflower grow (quite a bit of photoperiod growing experience). I am growing in a 1.5m x 1.5m tent using a 9 pot RDWC system (urban deepwater culture) and 4 x Grow Northern Telos 008...
  9. The^Dude

    Live Stoners You can grow this?!

    Hi everyone, Long time stoner first time grower. I'm just getting back into the sweet leaf after not having any for about 5 years, and I'm crazy excited to grow some myself. I wanted to do this in my 20's, but it was a lot more complicated then. Now I can just put it out in the garden! Times...
  10. greenjeans

    Indoor My Chemdogging

    Haven't been around for some time now. I decided it was too much of a risk to be on here all the time, but I wanted to pop in and throw up some pics of this grow. My last grow lasted me many months, and now it's time.. She is about 7 weeks from seed right now. Mephisto Chemdogging x2 in 3.5...
  11. Ronin

    Mephisto Genetics Chemdogging

    Mephisto Genetics Chemdogging Container: 2 gallon Airpot with coco Nutrients: Vegamatrix with OG Tea Veganic Special Sauce Lights: Blue Veg spectrum MarsII 900w led and 12 lamp t5 (10 lamps @6400k/ 2 lamps @10,000k +uvA) @18/6 Harvested day 77 She is now bagged and drying and...
  12. TaNg

    Mephisto Genetics TaNgs Chemdogging Vape report.

    SeedBank : Mephisto. Strain: Chemdogging Did it autoflower?: Yep Soil/hydro: Plagron light in a 15L Airpot. Nutes: Advanced Nutrients. Light (kind and schedule): Vegged under GN ms0004 and flowered under a GN HS1. High/Effect Duration: This is a true connoisseurs...
  13. TaNg

    Lighting Testing GNs Holographic Series 1 in Bloom

    It's been great watching the Mephisto guys over the last year or so so it's an honour to grow there strains,in this grow we have Chemdogging there Chemdog Auto and Chem City Blues which is a cross of Chemdogging and there UK Blues Auto. The 2 plants will be grown in 15L Airpots filled with...