1. J

    Sick 5 week olds

    Hi, I am growing Strawberry cheese for the first time. This is my 3rd grow and my plants are 5 1/2 weeks old. This crop some plants did really well and others not so much. Now I am seeing clawing and yellowing. Everything on the internet points to “under watering” however these are in a...
  2. G

    What's wrong please?

    Hi guys! Basically I have these 2 girls in a tent with 2 others. But these two both seem to be canoeing slightly and clawing? What could be causing this please? I'm in soil (biobizz light mix with some additional perlite) Temp ranges between 18c and 27c Currently 18 days old Autoflowers Watering...
  3. DevilDog_0651


    Problem: leaf clawing and burnt leaf tips Medium/grow method: Fox Farms Coco Loco, outdoor, 3 gallon fabric pot, PHOTOPERIOD Feed: and supplements used: local grow shop house blend. Includes base bloom, bloom booster, smart tea, cal mag, silica substance for cell strength water source: tap...
  4. Lysergik_kid

    Tips curling on some leaves

    Hey guys this is my sour liver at day 35. Topped on day 1.. I've been noticing some of of my leaves are curling but the plant is not dark green.. could it be from the fan blowing on it? Only a handful of leaves look that way. Wondering if I should do a mid grow flush. Everything is going so...
  5. A

    Yellowing leaf tips and clawing!

    Hey all. I have 3 autos on the go there 18 days old. All was going well until my strongest girl started to grow clawed leaves with some yellow tips. It's only on her new leaves older leaves haven't changed and are still looking ok. It all points to a ph problem or nitrogen toxic from what I have...
  6. G

    Indoor What is going on with my plant?!

    I just started my second grow and it's going fairly well I think. There are a few issues about my plant that I'm having trouble figuring out. She's about a month old now and has been growing steadily, but a bit slow. Ever since she got her first fan leaves they have been over lapping. All of...