co2 bag

  1. Laserawesome88

    Lighting Expert question about LEDs and optimal temperature

    So yesterday, I stopped by my local hydro shop to pick up some supplies and ran into a guy who was just going on and on about his grow and how his plants can “kick anyone else’s ass.” *eyeroll* . I noticed that he was buying one of those Exhale CO2 packs, and I asked him if he thought they...
  2. Ripper

    Old Reviews great co2 product

    I have been using these. I just use the regular ones for my 4x4 and they last 6 months.. great product so far.
  3. bonghitter216

    Indoor exhale co2 bag review

    I just bought a exhale co2 bag 30 bucks not bad I will post up what I get from using the bag if you already have used a co2 bag please share