1. D

    DIY Making your own wine dirt cheap to add CO2 to your garden!

    Hey guys! It is legal to make your own wine in the United States from what I have read 200 gallons for two adults per year or 100 per one adult check your state laws on this website just to be safe. Even if your not into...
  2. M

    Grow Mediums Another go! Autopots/megacrop

    My previous grow went south when I left for a family emergency. So here’s another shot! Goin with 2.2 gal pots this time instead of 4. Goin with a pinkish Led instead of my HLG strips this time. Royal gold tupur mix instead of canna coco. 4cosmic queens from Mephisto only 4/6 germed. Day 9 2...
  3. M

    Grow Mediums So I hopped aboard the autopot/megacrop train

    Alright finally made the move from dwc to coco/autopots. AN 3 part nute line has been good but so many different bottles and the PRICE is whats turning me to megacrop and the extras. Dwc is great but it’s become too much work for me now. I’m also still a pretty crappy grower but am diving in to...
  4. M

    New Grower RDWC LED Scrog GSC

    second grow 4x4 tent, two qb 260s, 4gal buckets. Will be trying two 4” air stones per bucket along with 50LPH per bucket as well. Will probably add C02 later on in veg if I can get my AC setup. Using AN Ph perfect 3 part line. GG#4 from fastbuds. Soaked for 24hrs on the 25th then dropped in...
  5. nfa

    Indoor Thinking of designing an easy co2 device for under €10... input required pls!

    Hi AFN! Long time lurker... learned so much from this forum, thank you! I'm looking into designing a device to easily add co2 to small personal setups, allowing the user to have the benefits co2 without the expense, hassle, safely and space concerns of traditional methods like co2 tanks etc...
  6. A

    Grow Room !!! Ultimate stealth micro grow !!!

    Never seen this idea but thought about it for quite sometime. I'm a boiler engineer and I always have to dispose of old boilers which anyone can find for FREE! ALL YOU NEED IS A DISCARDED BOILER AND A 50W LED OF THE RIGHT SPECTRUM A DRIVER & THAT'S IT EVERYTHING ELSE IS INCLUDED IN THE BOILER...
  7. G

    Live Stoners Working with leds + how i will get on with there strains

    hi all new to this site what i think its great as there's a place for auto growers maybe its just me but i have read stuff from other sites i have joined and the way some give feed back to newbies is just disrespectful we where all 1st time growers at 1 point. anyway i have been growing on and...
  8. pop22

    Does CO2 really help?

    here is detailed information on the relationship between light, CO2, and your plants.
  9. Hal 8999

    Grow Mediums co2 Enrichment vs No Enrichment Grow Off

    This will be a grow comparison between two different growers. We are both doing Big Bang by Green House Seed Co. We will be using DWC, the same base nutrients and boosters, plain tap water, ph down/up, root plugs, grow tents and same size led panels. The difference will be that I am doing...
  10. BillyWu

    Dutch Passion Billy Wu - Think Big w/DWC, CO2, HPS & LED

    Hello folks, it's me (yet again)! After packing away growing for over a year, things have settled down. For those of you who don't know me, I was once featured on the Dutch Passion blog for the first ever plant I grew (which was a Think Different in soil, 156g yield), and I've also been...
  11. Ripper

    Old Reviews great co2 product

    I have been using these. I just use the regular ones for my 4x4 and they last 6 months.. great product so far.
  12. xxxGAUGExxx

    Indoor Seedling Ideal Temperature and Humidity in Root Riot / Rapid Rooters for Hydro

    Hello all! I was wondering after seeds have popped in Rapid Rooters or Root riot cubes in a seedling tray. If you had the ability to accurately control their tent environment... What would be the ideal temperature and humidity to keep them at? My findings for seeds have been about 78 to 80f for...
  13. A4

    DIY DIY CO2 generator

    So, I have been looking at ways to increase CO2 in my grow room on the cheap. After looking at natural gas and propane generators I decided to buy a small oil lamp and see what kind of CO2 it would generate. The lamp was super small and cheap, I paid $3 for it at a local store. When I fired it...
  14. Hal 8999

    Indoor Any advice on co2 enrichment for autos would be appreciated

    I have not been able to find any info on here about co2 for autos. I know how to do it with photos, but would like to know if there are any clear differences. Things such as say should you aim for 1500 ppm with autos too? Does it affect their potency in a negative way? Does it benefit them any...