1. Wclazerdub

    Cal/Mag leaf color?

    Problem: light discoloration on some top leaves Medium/grow method: coco/peat moss/vermiculite Feed: and supplements used: dr earth grow and bloom amended at less than 1/2 strength. cal/mag/iron water source: tap water not ph'ed Strain/age: c4 and blackberry 3 weeks old light used: 14 100...
  2. Wclazerdub

    Week 3 leaf discoloration

    It's week 3 and 2 autoflowers are showing leaf discoloration. Coco/peat/vermiculite with Dr. Earth amended at less than half strength. Closet with one fan. 14 100 watt equivalent LED bulbs 40k and 30k. Temps 76F RH: 54% Soil holds a lot of water. Watering 1 to 2 times a week. Soil pH: 6.5...
  3. D

    Bottom leaves yellowing/dying

    Bottom leaves yellowing and dying. Fast Buds 6 Shooter Fox Farms Ocean Forest Fox Farm Trio 2x4x5 Tent Ventilated 300w HiGrow
  4. N

    Lighting 4000K fluorescent spectrum?

    Im my current micro grow i use two 24W T4 fluoro fixtures for side lighting: ATM the bulbs are 6400K but i also have the 4000K ones that came with the fixtures. I am reluctant to swap out the blue ones for these "daylight" ones as i know the CRI part of the spectrum is wrong for plants...
  5. Johnnybudseed


    Hello, i was wondering in your opinion what was the best overall auto you have ever grown? I am sure everyone would like to see everyones personal favorite and chat about the differences. I know i would. Please take a moment and post your Favorite EVER you or a friend has grown! Please post...