cree cob

  1. A

    Lighting New mars COB

    I haven't seen any threads about this. What are your thoughts on the new mars cob. On different sites I have read alot of negatives, like the price, cree is outdated etc. But what about the positives, if someone lived in where they didn't have that much access to diy led equipment and the import...
  2. CoviklaFlaire

    Indoor Alien vs Triangle vs Fast and Vast Vs ME!!

    Here is my like 6th grow, I manage to pull till the end all my grows but I wasn't satisfied with either!! So lets do it again! I got 3 alien vs triangle beans, and 3 fast&vast beans, they all germinated really quick but I made mistake of putting them in riot root cubes and that wasn't smartest...
  3. calliandra

    Mephisto Genetics The Sour Stomper expresses herself :D

    Hey AFN! I am just finishing a Sour Stomper grow and the plan was to write a review when she's done. But since my girl has taken a rather different path than what the Sour Stomper typically looks like, I've changed my mind to post it as a grow report. So I started her in a 28L pot of living...
  4. Marty5678

    Indoor Marty's perpetual grow, 2 x cxb3590 72v secret Jardin dr60

    Hey everybody. Got a bit of a perpetual grow going on so anybody who wants to join is welcome ;) all advice will be greatly appreciated. Currently growing Fast buds - Girl Scout cookies - day 63 (I think) Dutch passion - AutoMazar - day 43 Dinafem - white widow XXL - day 43 Cream of the crop...