critical jack auto

  1. NugNoob

    New Grower |NN| Dutch P / Mephisto / Dinafem / WW - SECOND GROW

    Hello all again and welcome to my second grow ever! Sorry my last grow kinda dwindled down and well... it fell flat on it's face mostly due to gnats and w/e else I screwed up. One of the AK's is actually still alive (Jupiter) outside buy hasn't grown much at all, not looking healthy either...
  2. CharlesoOo

    Indoor Free seeds grow Pakistan Ryder 3x and Critical Jack 3x

    Hi AFN :pass:its been a while.... Been growing but not documenting...So time to get up and running again and contribute to this fine community. Still growing under Gnms006x2 in a 80cmx80cm area Biobizz soil and nutrients with added bat guano once flowering starts. Pictures of the Pakistani...
  3. Rebel

    Dinafem Rebel's Dinafem Picture Gallery

    Since the addition of one of my all time favorite seed companies is now on board I'd like to show off some of the Dinafem gear I've grown over the last 5 years... Let's get our fingers sticky shall we? Auto Amnesia 2013 Blue Hash (Photoperiod) Auto Critical Jack (still among a...