crystal meth

  1. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Outdoor PURPLE AF!! Fast Buds Autoflowers: GSC, LSD-25, Crystal Meth, Dinafem Photos: Afghani #1 and SSH

    I’m pretty far along on my most recent grow. I have 3 autos in a 3 by 3 tent with a 600 MH/HPS with a cool tube and a 265cfm fan and carbon filter. Also have 2 photoperiod plants in the same tent. They are SSH from dinafem and an afghani freebie I got from a seed vendor. They are all thriving...
  2. Dankstank

    Indoor Crystal Meth and BioTabs

    Hello AFV and Fastbuddies. Ive got 2 crystal meths going. One is in a 5g maxx yeilds air pot with biotabs. The other is in a 3g fabric pot with a mix of Peruvian seabird guano n roots organics soil. There about 5 days in now. Looking good. Cant wait till they take off. I have a 135w quantum...
  3. PropagateAndPro-Create

    Fast Buds Crystal Meth TWINS!!

    Am in the process of sprouting my next bunch of seeds or my next grow and I check one of my Crystal Meth seeds and it's has 2 taproots shooting out! Has anyone else seen this? And if so, will both be viable or will one die off? It would be crazy to get 2 healthy plants out of one seed. Thanks...
  4. Son of Hobbes

    Fast Buds Son of Hobbes grows Crystal Meth with Fastbuds!

    Hey everyone Son of Hobbes here! I'm going to be kicking off my grow journal and will start a video series for it soon for my Fast Buds Crystal Meth, courtesy @FastBuds . Here's some information on the strain from their site: Crystal METH Taste: Hazelnut Room: Indoor | Outdoor Gender...
  5. capitanfaded

    Indoor 400W SuperLumens HPS - FastBuds (LSD-25/Crystal Meth Auto) Day 42

    Hey guys! I recently found out about this page and decided join, mostly because it seems like a really cool mix with people and where you can develop as a grower. Hope you all will enjoy my posts. So, first of all to get started, I have 2 LSD-25 and 1 Crystal Meth in flowering. I currently use...
  6. P J

    Indoor Which one do you recommend?

    I have been plating autos for a while (3 years). Iately ie been only planting autoultimate from Dutch Passion so that i can master the environment and know auto needs better. I have built a grow room with 6 1000w mh which i change to sodium in flower time, using GLR light cycle. A strong air...
  7. B

    Old Reviews Anyone ever try these pre-packaged fertilizer kits?

    I am growing an autoflower. I have a FastBuds seedling, Crystal Meth, their mothership strain. I'm fairly new to growing and in the process of completing a space bucket. Medium is coco coir in a 2gal smartpot under 4 23w daylight cfl's. I need your guys insight about which fertilizers would be...